Click on Any Green Time Below to Book a Speaking Engagement.

***Note: These are 2 hour blocks of time to allow ample time for travel and set up. This allows for multiple bookings in a day without any potential overlap. When booking please allow me 30 minutes for travel (i.e., if you want me to speak at 6 pm please choose your block of time starting at 5:30).

***Note: For anything after 7 pm choose the 7 pm time block. That time is greyed out but only because the last available 2 hour block begins at 7 pm. Therefore, the 7pm - 9pm block is actually available to be chosen.

***Note: I don’t normally give speeches on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays so those days are not available to be booked. I would, however, be happy to make an exception if you contact me.

***Note: I’m in Central Time Zone (1 hour earlier than Eastern Time Zone).

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